The Audit Committee assists the Board of Commissioners to evaluate the adequacy of internal controls, the effectiveness and appropriateness of audits conducted by Public Accountants Office. The Committee also reviews financial information in order to ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations, and to oversee the effectiveness of risk management implementation with other Committees.


  1. Audit Committee is under the coordination of the Board of Commissioners and structurally responsible to the Board of Commissioners.
  2. Audit Committee is chaired by an Independent Commissioner.


The composition of BRI Audit Committee complies with POJK No. 55/POJK.04/2015 dated December 23, 2015 on the Establishment and Implementation Guidance of Audit Committee.

BRI’s Audit Committee consists of a Chairman who is an Independent Commissioner and members consisting of two (2) independent commissioners and three (3) independent parties. Audit Committee members who are independent parties are selected by the Board of Commissioners through a recruitment and selection mechanism. Audit Committee members are appointed and dismissed by the Board of Commissioners, however it is stipulated by Decision of Directors.

The composition of BRI Audit Committee of BRI as of December 2017 was as follows:

No.NamePositionProfessionTerms of Office
1.A. Fuad RahmanyChairmanIndependent CommissionerJune 2015 - Now
2.A. Sonny KerafMemberIndependent CommissionerJune 2015 - Now
3.Rofikoh RohimMemberIndependent CommissionerDecember 2017 - Now*
4.Sunuaji Noor WidiyantoMemberIndependent PartyDecember 2016- Now
5.Pamuji Gesang RaharjoMemberIndependent PartyFebruary 2016 - Now
6.I Gde Yadnya KusumaMemberIndependent PartyFebruary 2016 - Now
* Shall be effective after the issuance of approval by OJK on Fit and Proper test